Almond Crescent Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

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They don't last long.

Almond Crescent Oatmeal Cookie Recipe
1 c Margarine
1/2 ts Almond extract
3/4 c Sifted powdered sugar
2 c All-purpose flour
1/2 ts Salt (optional)
1 c Quaker Oats, uncooked
1/2 c Finely chopped almonds

Heat oven to 325 degrees F.
Beat margarine and almond extract until fluffy.
Gradually beat in sugar.
Add combined flour and salt, mix well.
Stir in oats and almonds.
Shape to form crescents.
Place on ungreased cookie sheet.
Bake 15-18 minutes or until light golden brown.
Sift powdered sugar over warm crescents.

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