Make Your Own Catalytic Lamp Oil Recipe

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Homemade Catalytic Lamp Oil Recipes 

12 ounces 91% isopropyl alchol
12 drops of teaspoon scented oil (essential oil)  
16 ounce plastic bottles

Open the bottle of isopropyl alcohol.  
Add the essential oil.  
Screw the cap back on.  
Shake to mix, there's nothing more to do.  

Don't use over a teaspoon because it will clog your wicks.
Use the best undiluted quality oil as you can.  
This should clean your wicks. You will notice your alcohol will be yellow when dirty. That's a sure sign to that you need to change your alcohol jar.

To check for purity, place one drop on a sheet of clean paper.  
The drop should completely evaporate if the essential oil is pure.  
If it leaves a greasy, oily spot, select another oil.

When changing scents REMEMBER to clean your wicks by soaking them in a jar with 91 or 99% alcohol with lid where it doesn't evaporate at least 24 hours and then let air dry.

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